Our analysts are experienced in finding the information hidden in the data. They draw upon the full skills of the company, to include epidemiology, cartography, database development and management, and customer demographics to identify trends and to make recomendations for improving the efficinecy and quality of your business.

Successful efforts include healthcare data analysis, government data analysis, network performance, microtargeting political elections, and cost/benefit trade-offs for new lines of business.


Kiyo, Inc provides IT professionals to organizations large and small. Our personnel are available to handle surge work, supplement your staff, and are dedicated to keeping your business running at top efficiency.

Our infection preventionists are certified through the Association of Professionals Infection Control & Epidemiology APIC and have the Certified Infection Control (CIC) included on their professional credential

IT system development for Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Record Integration

Kiyo, Inc provides certified Infection Preventionists that can assist healthcare facilities information technology departments to develop and integrate the critical information necessary to assure quality healthcare information systems.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Surveillance

Kiyo, Inc provides GIS analysis and epidemiology to provide a visual representation of your organization's client database. Our solutions can assist environmental disaster recovery or tracking the spread of infection epidemics in disease outbreaks in a community or public health investigation. Kiyo, Inc is licensed by ESRI the Environmental Systems Research Institute which is an international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.